Mountaineering Law

Lots of people believe that  mountains are law-free zones.

Unfortunately or fortunately this is a misunderstanding. In case of an accident and damages several laws will be applicable. For international mountaineering the legal situation will be even more complicated. International civil law consists of lots of national regulations and international regulations like treaties between several countries.

For instance : What happens if a german alpinist triggers an avalanche which injures an english mountaineer in Austria or Nepal ? Which jurisdiction should prefer, the english, german or austrian or in case of Nepal , the nepalese jurisdiction ?

For which court,and in which country you have to claim your damages?

Those are just a few questions in this respect.

If you have any such questions or problems please do not hesitate and visit the Website : to get some answers.

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Stephan Wijnkamp one of the members of the expedition will be glad to answer those questions.